We are pleased to inform that as of the 30th September 2015, the realization of a project: “Academy of Entrepreneurship: Get inspired!”, funded by the National Centre for Research and Development, has been completed.

The main objective of the project was the increase of entrepreneurial competence of 90 students of KU, in order to enhance their competitiveness on the labor market and improve the effectiveness of their actions through the implementation of related tasks. Within 12 months there have been conducted 340 hours of additional activities that concerned 10 topics: 1. International Entrepreneurship; 2. Change Management in Practice - Simulation Game SysTeamsChange; 3. Entrepreneurial Marketing; 4. New Venture Creation; 5. Risk Management in Business Projects; 6. E-Business; 7. Psychology of Money and Consumer Behavior; 8. Project Management in Practice; 9. Presenting Business Ideas; 10. Public funding supporting business,

and 6 workshops, 6 open meetings with employers, 6 company visits. The classes were conducted by practitioners and based on the innovative teaching methods and techniques in order to enhance the practical aspects of education. Moreover, a competition for the best business plans and consulting projects for students, has been organized where prizes were complimentary certified external training.

Within the project, there has been also released a publication: Exploring Entrepreneurship: Inspirations from the field (ed. Svetlana Gudkova, Ph.D.) – on the basis of the most interesting consulting projects for companies, various cases have been formulated in the form of educational materials.

The publication is available in Publication Tab.

Last Updated: Friday, 20 November 2015 16:28