Course Title

Anatomy of Decision-Making

Staff teaching the course

MA Marcin Matyja

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Aim of the course

Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide. Napoleon Bonaparte


Undoubtedly, decision-making is part of our daily life routine. Nevertheless, it is very seldom when we actually think how our decisions are made, and what influences this process. This course will help students understand the steps of a well-designed decision-making process, which - as the world gets more and more complex – gets sometimes very complicated. Factors influencing the decisions we make on a daily basis are not always obvious and easy to define.

When faced with a decision to make, we want to believe we assess the facts objectively and make our choice rationally. The reality shows, however, that in such situations every individual is, to some extent, influenced by his or her biases. The aim of this course is also to examine different aspects of the decision making process and provide valuable insights that can help make better decisions. It provides real-life examples and practical applications of decision making theories that can help entrepreneurs make business decision faster, smoother, and in more conscious way.


Description of the course

The course tackles the complete decision-making process – from problem formulation, through the identification of the decision-maker, up to the choice and application of the decision-making strategy. Topics also include but are not limited to the following: individual decision making, group decision making, the role of emotions in the process, traps we may fall into when making decisions as well as decisions under uncertainty and moral dilemmas that may occur while making decisions.

Special focus in put on the characteristics of the decisions made in the business setting.

Methods of teaching

The course is designed to provide real-life examples and practical applications of decision making theories in a highly interactive setting. A combination of case studies, workshops, role-plays and team activities will be used to make the learning experience stimulating and challenging, yet – at the same time – interesting and enjoyable.

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Anatomy of Decision-Making






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