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The project provides for the implementation of additional courses

addressed to Kozminski University students. The courses were developed based on own research and analysis conducted by the research and teaching staff of Kozminski University. Courses will be held like a workshops  and some modules will be carried out  by practitioners. The course will use an innovative teaching approach based on learning by experience, such as a critical case study, marketing innovations hermeneutical methods and field projects, simulation games, group work, film footage, allowing to develop creativity, cooperation, etc.

Through case studies and workshops, participants will learn about different stages of creation and development of start-ups, such as exploration, evaluation and exploitation of business opportunities, obtaining financial support, customer acquisition and internationalization of the company. Students also become familiar with the specifics of e-business.

In addition, participants will gain an excellent understanding of the challenges associated with taking over the family business - a watershed event in the life cycle of each company of this type and learn how to successfully manage a form of family.

COURSE program has been prepared not only for students who want to start their own business or for the family business to prosper, but also to provide students with knowledge of entrepreneurial skills highly valued in international corporations that are looking for people who are well prepared to use the possibilities offered by the surrounding reality. Implementation of the courses will promote creativity and attitudes, which are used in entrepreneurial initiatives, regardless of whether the students set up their own company or opt for employment in the company of another person. Secondly, education in this area will help students to develop a set of technical and business skills that are essential to success in business.

Individual courses will be run in accordance with the students' needs, in accordance with the Rules of Recruitment.

The main goal of course

is to provide students with the most current knowledge, skills and social skills needed on the road to success in the implementation of new business ventures, acquisition and development of family businesses, as well as the implementation of innovative solutions in existing enterprises.



The main aim of the course is to provide participant with a step-by-step introduction to setting up a real business venture and familiarize them with the nature of entrepreneurship.
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The aim of the course is to develop understanding of how marketing supports development and growth of small businesses with constrained resources The course will use innovative teaching methods based on the " learning by experience " , such as the critical case study , " innovation marketing " hermeneutic method and "filed project." Read More



The aim of the course is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in performing organizational change.
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The principal aim of this subject is to introduce students to the basics of doing business online. The work will be a real idea of start-up related to new technologies.
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The aim of the course is to inspire and encourage people to realize their ideas and to initiate and develop projects, plans or companies on an international scale.
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This course has been designed to develop skills of public presentation and interpersonal communication.
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The objective of the course is to develop professional competences related to family business management in three major areas: knowledge, skills and social competences.
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The aim of the course is to present the different stages of the process and techniques for various types of decision -making.
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The aim of this course is to provide students with the risk management process, develop an understanding of what risk is, how it can be measured and transferred.
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Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund