About the project

The project aims to improve enterprising skills of students at Kozminski University

Academy of Entrepreneurship: Get inspired!

is a pilot project carried out from October 2014 by Kozminski University, blending in with the Government Programme for the Development of Competence. The present project is financed by the Human Capital Operational Programme under the Priotytet IV - Higher education and research activities ,, 4.1 Strengthening and development of didactic potential of universities and increasing the number of graduates of key importance to the knowledge-based economy ", Sub-measure 4.1.1.

The courses can be taken by a person, who is a student of Kozminski University, and is set to graduate two semesters upon the starting of these courses and is in the following program of studies: Master’s in Management in Polish or English, Bachelor’s or Master’s in Administration or is studying Law which is a full five year cycle Master’s degree program.

The project aims to improve enterprising skills of students at Kozminski University, increasing their competitiveness in job market and their effectiveness of entrepreneurial activities through the implementation of additional courses , open meetings, workshops and company visit. A very important activity of the project is to develop and implement a strategy for the development of entrepreneurship at Kozminski University.

Project budget: 378 503,94 zl
Duration of the project: X 2014 – IX 2015

Svetlana Gudkova

Merit Coordinator

Svetlana Gudkova

Svetlana Gudkova is an Assistant Professor at the Chair of Management and Deputy Director of the College of Management and Finance responsible for Kozminski International Business School at Kozminski University. She is an author and co-author of several books and articles on entrepreneurship and family business. Her research interests focuses on multi-generational family businesses, intangible assets and entrepreneurial learning process.

Edyta Siuda


Edyta Siuda

Her main responsibility at Kozminski University is obtaining finances; she also creates new projects, manages them and coordinates substantive teams. She graduated from Warsaw University (Polish Philology) and also completed postgraduate studies (European Integration) at Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. She has got many years of experience working on projects financed by EU, mainly at coordinating them. She also cooperated with non-governmental organisations, working as a President of Foundation. Her professional interests, apart from project management and training, include evaluation of European projects. She likes going to gym, running. She enjoys reading books, listening to music, watching movies and being outdoors.


Specialist for reporting, monitoring and settlement


Graduate of management and marketing at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Program Master of Business Administration at Kozminski University. Consultant in Financial Management Project at the Center of Excellence Kozminski University. Monika has experience in delivering projects founded from The European Social Fund, coordinating, implementing and accounting of projects. She likes jazz, cycling, mountain summer and winter.


Complementary Courses Coordinator


An alumni of the Kozminski University Administration program. She has been an employee of Kozminski University since 2010. She currently holds Bachelor Program Coordinator position in the Kozminski International Business School Office. She speaks Russian fluently so do not hesitate to use it talking to her. What does she like in her free time? Well, she does not have it at all.

Edyta Siuda

Open Meetings and Workshops Administrator

Bożena Kunka

Graduated from Florence Design Academy where she receive her Interior Design Diploma in year 2013. She decided to continue studying and join the Management program at Kozminski University. At Kozminski she became a member of Kozminski Business club and had advanced to one of its Board Members within a year. During this time she also worked as an Intern Interior Architect for Xavier Carton Gulf Engineering Consultants LLC at the Presidential Palace , Abu Dhabi as also worked as Marketing Intern for Moomoo Architects in Lodz. In her spare time she enjoys reading and practicing various types of sports.




Graduate of Strategic Management at Kozminski University continuing her education on PHD studies. Working at Kozminski University at Centre of Simulation Games and Gamification, teaching simulation games in management. Her research interests are associated with gamification in business process management. Additionally, an employee of Centre of Teaching Excellency responsible for innovations in teaching and conducting teaching seminars for the youngest academic employees. She speaks Swedish fluently and is interested in modern cinema.




Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund